In 1987, 197 countries signed a protocol that aims at restricting the use of ozone-depleting substances. The process of phasing out R-22 began in 2004 in order to give the industry time to adjust and come up with other alternatives. Although scientists managed to come up with other options, they still had some shortcomings. They were not as efficient, lowering the performance of HVAC systems. Moreover, they were not energy efficient which means that you paid more by replacing R-22.

It is true that the replacements of R-22 won’t damage the ozone layer. But they increased the electric energy consumption which led to an increase in the carbon footprint. The consumption of electricity contributes to 30% of the greenhouse gas emissions in the world. This is why scientists had to look for another alternative that can deliver the best performance while lowering the electric energy consumption.

What is Bluon TdX 20?

Scientists spent about 7 years in order to come up with an efficient and effective alternative that would improve the performance of the HVAC systems. Other alternatives can increase energy consumption by 30% which can shorten the life of your HVAC equipment and also contradict with the whole idea of the phase-out period.
Bluon TdX 20 lowers the consumption of the electric energy without affecting the performance of the HVAC system. By switching to this refrigerant, you will be lowering your energy consumption by 5% to 25% depending on the nature of your equipment which means that you will decrease your carbon footprint. It allows the transportation of more heat at a lower pressure which maximizes the use of the current coil. Using this refrigerant is going to allow you to use your current HVAC system for long.

Bluon TdX 20 is a blend that saves energy while delivering the best performance. It is made by stacking five different refrigerants on top of each other. The refrigerants vaporize in a sequence which creates a domino effect that increases the productivity of the coil of your HVAC system.

It is Time to Switch to Bluon TdX 20:

By 2020, R-22 will not be available to use in HVAC systems and this is why it is time to switch to another option. Since the beginning of the phase-out period, the price of R-22 has multiplied by 4 folds. This means that you are currently spending more money to keep your current HVAC equipment working.

Bluon TdX 20 is currently available at almost half the price you pay to get R-22. We also expect it to become more affordable as more people are interested in buying it. It decreases the workload on the coil and the compressor which means that your HVAC equipment will last for long. The compressor becomes more stable and your system will produce less vibration and noise while stabilizing your ampere draw. The list of people interested in using Bluon TdX 20 keeps on increasing and you should consider this, too.